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We all know we want to have our family’s important moments and milestones well documented and well preserved. But in the midst of the beautiful chaos of family life, it can be easy to put it off, thinking there will be more time later on.

Then a week turns into a month, then into the next season, and then to the end of another year. And you find yourself scrambling to put together a Christmas card, realizing you have no up to date portraits to use and only have iPhone images to remember this year of your kids’ lives with. (You’re not even in the frame with them…and when was the last time you backed up those photos to safety?)

We always have the best of intentions, right?

As a wife and mama of 2 little girls, I totally understand the flurry of Calgary family life. Time never stands still. I know well the stress of planning a family session: the outfits, the timing for having happy kids, the snack bribery, the weather dodging and location visioning, the feeling super awkward, all the while hoping and crossing fingers for a photo with all of the kids (and maybe husband!?) cooperative and in the frame. I know exactly what you’re going through, because figuring out all these details can be a lot of work and stress. And that’s not even doing anything with the photos yet!

Long story short:

Your family is the most important gift.

You need to be able to remember each chapter.

Time. Does. Not. Stop.

And I have you covered!

I understand all the pieces that go into successfully documenting your family.

As a professional family photographer, I will take the load of planning stress off of your plate and guide you the entire way. I take pride in the boutique service and experience I provide for my clients, and I’m excited to do it for you! I will not let your photos die a lonely, digital death. From your vision for your session, we’ll make gorgeous family portraits together. Then I’ll ensure those portraits get into your hands, into your home, and kept beautifully for years to come. I take the guess work out of sourcing, sizing and shipping. I’ll even install wall art in your home. You’ll never regret keep-saking your family memories.Your family deserves it.

I’ve helped hundreds of families get the gorgeous family photos they deserve over the past decade, and I will do the same for you.

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