Today, I'm revisiting this incredible maternity session I shared a couple of years ago. Their newborn session is scheduled for next week's post, so I thought, what better way to lead into it, than with the maternity session prior to their sweet baby girl arriving? 

Jace and Brieanne chose Waterton to document the beautiful excitement of their growing little family. It is hands down one of the best photo locations in Alberta. The diversity is nothing like Banff National Park, and it’s no where near the touristy busyness of Canmore, Banff or Lake Louise. Even though it is a further drive from Calgary, it’s definitely worth it. (And if you’re the kind that loves the journey along with the destination, you should take Highway 22x/Cowboy Trail instead of Highway 2 south. The views are incredible. You’re welcome.)

It’s sometimes easy to think that newborn photos are the most important part about documenting your growing family. Pregnancy is often a season overlooked for the end goal. But the chapter before your sweet, tiny human arrives is incredibly special as well, especially for first time parents. Your world is about to be changed in the most wonderful, challenging, joyful, sleep-deprived, snack-filled way. And the memories you have prior to newborn life hold much meaning as well: of waiting, anticipation and endurance, and of the intimacy and simplicity of being just the two of you (or just a family of __ ) before a new kid arrives on the block.

If you want to document the chapters of growing your family life well, I always suggest considering booking a double session (maternity and newborn) so you can have the memories both of growing your babies as well as welcoming them into your family. 

Enjoy this incredible Waterton Park maternity session. And if you’re anticipating welcoming a baby this year and know you want to remember these moments forever, let’s connect down below! 



Let's connect to vision out how you want these moments remembered!

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