Hey Calgary entrepreneurs! Let’s talk about being a business owner for a moment. There are so many hats you wear, especially when you’re starting out. But in the thick of it all, one thing remains crucial to your success: How well you communicate to your client that you will solve their problems. And part of that communication is the way you present yourself visually. The visual face of your business has the power to portray professionalism and confidence to your potential clients. (It’s what you want, right!?) After 10 years of running a photography business, I have to admit I love a good business and marketing conversation. 😉 

It’s always a treat when I get to work with business owners to create branded images for their company. The images you use should reflect everything your business is about, presented with the aesthetic and style to match your vision. The best part about a branding shoot is that whatever you imagine, is what we’ll create! Whether you need just a few updates (ie. headshots or photos of new products/projects) or an entire full overhaul to launch a new website/social platform, I’m here to bring your vision to life. If you’re looking for incredible images that speak professionalism, let’s chat. 

Check out my most recent branding shoot with the creative and fun Ashley from Lily June Home based in Calgary. (For all you who live in Calgary who want to refresh their home and have a beautiful space to thrive, she’s so lovely, and will make your load so much lighter! Go connect with her.) 

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